Dairy Queen Book Summary, Ending, Quotes & Review 2024

Dairy Queen Book Summary, Ending, Quotes & Review 2024
Julia Scheeres
Julia Scheeres She/Her - Journalist/Book Author/Cat Mom April 21, 2024

Dairy Queen is about a teenage girl named DJ Schwenk who, despite her tough exterior, is filled with insecurities. She unexpectedly finds herself thrust into the world of high school football, becoming an unlikely contender on her family's dairy farm and in her heart.

Dairy Queen Book Summary

DJ Schwenk is a quiet and observant girl who feels overshadowed by her football-star brother and her family's dairy farm. When her brother Mike is injured, DJ takes over his farm chores, and she's surprisingly good at it. Her talent doesn't go unnoticed, and soon she's approached by the coach to train the quarterback, Brian Nelson, from the rival high school.

As DJ and Brian work together, she discovers her love for the game, and he begins to see her as more than just a farm girl. Despite their differences, they form a deep connection through their shared passion for football.

New opportunities and expectations arise for DJ, and she struggles to balance her responsibilities on the farm with her desire to play football. She fears disappointing her family while yearning to pursue her own dreams.

Amos Slaughter, the aging quarterback from Brian's team, recognizes DJ's potential and offers to train her in exchange for the special cheese from her family's dairy. Embracing the chance to improve, DJ starts to bridge the gap between her life on the farm and her future.

As DJ's skills grow, so do her feelings for Brian. They navigate the complexities of their relationship, and DJ begins to open up about her struggles and ambitions. She learns that sometimes taking a risk can lead to unexpected rewards.

The football season heats up, and DJ's abilities are put to the test. She faces physical and emotional challenges on and off the field. Her strength and determination earn her the respect of her teammates and adversaries.

However, DJ's success comes at a cost. The pressure mounts as she tries to keep up with her work on the farm and her commitment to the football team. She's forced to confront her fears and make difficult decisions that will shape her future.

In a crucial game, DJ must prove herself to her family, her team, and to the boy she loves. She's confronted with the reality that stepping outside her comfort zone is the only way to grow and attain her aspirations.

The game becomes a metaphor for DJ's own life, and she discovers that winning isn't just about the score, but about finding the courage to be true to who you are and what you want.

With the support of her family, friends, and the community, DJ emerges from the season transformed. She has found her voice and her place in the world, no longer content to sit on the sidelines of her own life.

DJ's journey is one of self-discovery, empowerment, and the realization that she is capable of so much more than she ever believed. Through the game of football, she learns the value of teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of following your heart.

At the end, DJ is no longer just a girl from a dairy farm, but a formidable force, ready to tackle whatever challenges the future may bring.

Dairy Queen Quotes

  1. It's amazing how much you can love a person you don't even understand.It
  2. Sometimes you don't know when you're taking the first step through a door until you're already inside.Sometimes you don

Dairy Queen Ending Explained

At the end of Dairy Queen, DJ Schwenk has transformed both on and off the field. The final game of the season proves to be a defining moment. DJ's family shows up to support her, symbolizing their acceptance of her passion for football.

The game is intense, and DJ is put to the test. In a climactic play, she demonstrates her abilities and secures a win for her team, earning the respect she has long sought. The victory is not just for the game, but for DJ personally.

After the game, DJ and Brian share a heartfelt moment. They acknowledge their feelings for each other, and DJ is ready to pursue her future with newfound confidence and determination.

Characters in book Dairy Queen

  • DJ Schwenk: The protagonist, a smart and capable but introverted teenage girl who lives on a dairy farm.
  • Walter Schwenk: DJ's father, struggling after an injury, and owner of Schwenk Dairy.
  • Ellen Schwenk: DJ's mother, who often seems more focused on her own life than on her family's needs.
  • Mike Schwenk: DJ's older brother who is passionate about football and unwillingly injured, causing DJ to take over his chores.
  • Brian Nelson: A high school quarterback and DJ's love interest who teaches her about football.
  • Amos Slaughter: The aging quarterback for the rival team who becomes a mentor to DJ.
  • Carrie: DJ's best friend, who helps her navigate through the complexities of high school and relationships.

Key Lessons

  • Embrace Change: Change can be daunting, but it often leads to personal growth and new opportunities.
  • Pursue Your Passions: Following your passions can lead to fulfillment and success, even when it seems unlikely or unconventional.
  • Hard Work Pays Off: Dedication and perseverance are key to achieving your goals, regardless of the obstacles you may face.
  • Communication is Crucial: Open and honest communication with those around you can lead to understanding and support.
  • Acceptance Brings Peace: Embracing who you are and what you love can bring a sense of peace and confidence.

My Personal Opinion

Is Dairy Queen worth reading? Absolutely! I found DJ Schwenk to be a refreshingly real and relatable character. Her struggles and growth are inspiring. The book is a delightful blend of humor and heart, and I couldn't put it down.

I particularly appreciated the way the author crafted DJ's narrative. It felt personal and genuine. The only downside for me was that at times the pacing seemed a bit slow, but this also allowed for a more thorough exploration of DJ's emotions and the world around her.

I would recommend Dairy Queen to anyone, particularly young adults, who are looking for a story that champions individuality and determination. It's a coming-of-age tale with a strong female lead that resonates with the universal quest for identity and purpose.