Triss Book Summary, Quotes & Key Points

Triss Book Summary, Quotes & Key Points
Julia Scheeres
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Triss Book Summary is a thrilling adventure novel written by Brian Jacques. It follows the journey of Triss, a young haremaid, as she escapes from slavery and embarks on a quest to find her true home. Along the way, she meets new friends, faces dangerous enemies, and discovers her own strength and courage.

Triss Book Summary

Plot Summary

The book begins with Triss and her companions being held captive by the cruel and ruthless ferret king, King Agarnu. Triss manages to escape with the help of her friend Shogg, a mole, and they set out to find Triss's true home, Redwall Abbey. On their journey, they encounter a group of otters who join them in their quest.

As they travel, they face many challenges and dangers, including battles with ferrets, rats, and other enemies. They also discover secrets about Triss's past and her connection to the legendary sword, the Sword of Martin. Eventually, they reach Redwall Abbey, where they must defend the abbey from an attack by King Agarnu and his army.


The main character of the book is Triss, a young haremaid who is brave, resourceful, and determined. Other important characters include Shogg, a mole who becomes Triss's loyal friend and companion; Skipper, the leader of the otters who join Triss's quest; and King Agarnu, the cruel and ruthless ferret king who is the main antagonist of the story.


The book explores themes of friendship, loyalty, courage, and the importance of standing up against injustice. It also highlights the idea that even the smallest and seemingly weakest creatures can make a big difference when they work together and believe in themselves.


The story takes place in a fictional world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The main setting is Redwall Abbey, a peaceful and idyllic community of mice, squirrels, otters, and other creatures.

Writing Style

Brian Jacques's writing style is engaging and descriptive, with vivid descriptions of the characters, settings, and action. He also uses humor and wit to lighten the mood and keep the reader entertained.

Triss Book Review

Triss is a thrilling and entertaining adventure novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. The characters are well-developed and likable, and the plot is full of action, suspense, and surprises. The themes of friendship, loyalty, and courage are inspiring and uplifting, and the writing style is engaging and enjoyable.

Triss Quotes

"I am not a warrior, nor a hero, nor a goddess," said Triss. "I am a mouse."
"I'm not a mouse," said Triss sharply. "I'm a hare. And I've got a name, too."

Triss Key Points

Importance of Friendship

Throughout the book, Triss and her friends demonstrate the importance of loyalty, trust, and teamwork. They work together to overcome obstacles and protect each other from harm.

Overcoming Fear and Adversity

Triss faces many challenges and dangers on her journey, but she never gives up or loses hope. She learns to face her fears and to believe in herself and her abilities.

FAQs for Triss

What is the main conflict in Triss?

The main conflict is between Triss and her friends, who are trying to find their way home, and King Agarnu and his army, who are trying to capture and enslave them.

Who is the main antagonist in Triss?

The main antagonist is King Agarnu, the cruel and ruthless ferret king who is determined to capture Triss and her friends.

What is the significance of Triss's name?

Triss's name is derived from the word "tryst," which means a secret meeting or rendezvous. This reflects her desire to find her true home and her determination to overcome the obstacles in her way.

What role do the otters play in the story?

The otters join Triss's quest and become her loyal friends and allies. They are skilled fighters and help to defend Redwall Abbey from King Agarnu's army.

How does Triss's past influence her actions in the book?

Triss's past experiences as a slave and her desire to find her true home motivate her to be brave, resourceful, and determined. She never gives up on her quest, even when faced with danger and adversity.

What is the importance of the sword in the story?

The Sword of Martin is a legendary weapon that is said to have magical powers. Triss's connection to the sword and her ability to wield it play a key role in the story's climax.

How does Triss's relationship with Shogg develop throughout the book?

Triss and Shogg become close friends and allies on their journey. They support and protect each other and share a deep bond of loyalty and trust.

What is the significance of the final battle?

The final battle represents the ultimate test of Triss's courage and strength. She and her friends must defend Redwall Abbey from King Agarnu's army and protect their home and loved ones.

How does Triss grow and change throughout the book?

Triss starts out as a timid and uncertain haremaid, but she grows and develops throughout the book. She becomes more confident, brave, and resourceful, and learns to trust in herself and her abilities.

What is the message of Triss?

The message of Triss is that even the smallest and seemingly weakest creatures can make a big difference when they work together and believe in themselves. It also emphasizes the importance of friendship, loyalty, and standing up against injustice.